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This is a general-purpose chronology of main public events. Alternatively please see my professional CV.

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1956–1968 Born in Cumberland, England. Home in Cumberland, schools in Cumberland and Westmorland, England. Winchester College crest
1969–1974 Secondary schooling at Winchester College, England.
1972 First solo glider flight at Old Sarum airfield.
1973 Learned powered flight with a Flying Scholarship, Carlisle Airport.
1974 4 months specially arranged post at Ordnance Survey, Southampton, England.
1974–1978 Brasenose College, University of Oxford BA, Physics and Philosophy 1977 Class 2; Postgraduate Certificate in Education, 1978. Volunteer with Nightline. Oxford University sheild
1978 One term tutoring physics and maths, D'Overbroeck's, Oxford.
1979 Two terms teaching physics and maths at John Mason Comprehensive, Abingdon.
1979–1981 Teaching Physics, Chemistry, etc. Wychwood School, Oxford.
1980 A few seconds of human-powered flight as one of two pilots in the Newbury Manflier at Greenham Common airfield; first marriage.
1981–1982 Tutoring in physics and maths, Oxford. First child born. Volunteer with Education Otherwise
1982–1986 Self-employed tutor, hypnotherapist; home making, amateur building and groundwork; in Gwynedd, Wales. A rich and curious phase of my life. Second and third children born. UWE logo
1987 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, passed with distinction, with what was the CSM Faculty, Bristol Polytechnic, England (now the University of the West of England)
1987–1990 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Department of Computer Science. (now CIS). PhD, "Modelling Cognitive Aspects of Complex Control Tasks", with the Scottish HCI Centre supervised by Terry Mayes, passed January 1991. Sang with the University Chamber Choir. University of Strathclyde logo
1990 → Became a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
1990 University of Strathclyde. Six weeks as a research assistant working for Mike Kibby on the SAFE project (DELTA project P7061); wrote report "SLIM 3: Human-Computer Interaction for Learners".
1991 Three months (March - May) travelling: in New Zealand (a month) Fiji (a week); Tahiti (a week); USA and Canada (six weeks using Amtrak). Loughborough University logo
1991 Loughborough University. Worked for Jim Alty on a project constructing an interface for BT Research Labs, using NeWS and Postscript.
1991–1994 City University, Department of Business Computing - a part of the what was the School of Informatics. Lecturer in Business Computing, specialist teaching area human-computer interaction. Member of the research group Centre for HCI Design. See also separate page. City University logo
1994–1996 European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Systems Engineering and Informatics, then the Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, Ispra (VA), Italy. Post-doctoral grant-holder. Focal work area: developing cognitive architecture for constructing cognitive models of complex task behaviour, including error. See also separate page. ISIS logo graphic
1996–1999 University of Liverpool, Department of Computer Science, Connect, which was the "Internet Centre for Merseyside Businesses" and at that time part of the University. Lecturer: taught and developed courses for business and unemployed, including e-commerce. Researched in e-commerce and related areas. Helped conceive and manage the LUSID project, which was in use for 17 years until 2015. Sang with the Renaissance Music Group and the Liverpool Barbershop Harmony Club. University of Liverpool crest
1999 → Information systems consultant, specialising in e-portfolios for personal and professional development, skill and competence systems, interoperability, usability.
2000 Fourth child born. Singing with the William Byrd Singers of Manchester.
2002–2008 Work with the Centre for Recording Achievement and Cetis interoperability standards for ICT systems that support Personal Development Planning in the UK.
2005 Second marriage; lived in Bristol for a year. Sang briefly with the City of Bristol Choir
2006–2013 Living in New Mills, Derbyshire. Fifth child born. Sang with Duodecimo, 2011 to 2013.
2008–2015 Senior Researcher and Learning Technology Advisor (part time) at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics, University of Bolton. Continued to take main responsibility for the areas of e-portfolios; and skills/competence technology.
2009 Author Electronic Portfolios: Personal information, personal development and personal values. Part 3 gives a useful introduction to the ideas behind much of my more recent work.
2011–2013 European expert team leader, InLOC: an information model to represent and communicate the core information contained in frameworks (or other structures) of skills, competences, etc.
2012 → Contributor to P2P Foundation wiki, mostly voluntary. It stepped up from around 2017, and in 2019 I was asked to do some work on category pages. See my user page. I have also been an occasional Wikipedian. This experience has focused my interest in knowledge commons.
2013–2020 Lived at Lancaster Cohousing; involved with community governance. Sang with Divers Voyces of Lancaster, 2015 to 2020.
2014–2015 Volunteer director, Green Elephant Co-operative Limited. Volunteer with B4RN
2015 → Co-founder and Partner (to 2024), Cetis LLP (a worker co-operative); from 2024, Associate Cetis LLP
2017-11 Paraglider training with FlySpain, Algodonales, Spain.
2019-05-28 Second marriage ended, with ex-wife and child in Finland.
2019–2022 Involvement with Collective Presencing including formatting & enhancing the book. Collective Presencing
2019-06 Started Art of Hosting practice with training in Belgium.
2020 Moved to Ransberg, Belgium. More amateur building and groundwork.
2022 → Poly-affiliate volunteer, including: CTA, Elegant Earth, GRC, Life Itself CTAGRCLI
2022-11 Residency around Internal Family Systems at the Life Itself hub in Bergerac.
2023 Lunations with Liminal Village, nurturing ideas for ReGenMatch. LIGEN
2023 Online GEN Ecovillage Design Education course.
2023 → Focusing mainly on bringing the CHOICE concept into reality, to play my part in helping people connect for regeneration.
2024 Helping with the ontological framework for the 2024 Gathering of Tribes GoTLI
2024 → Senior Research Associate, Life Itself.


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