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Simon Grant's significant concerns

Which are not, of course, significant to any employer. You (i.e. any reader of this page) are welcome to mention them to me if you would like to share with me what really matters to you, and talk about it seriously (as well as with humour).

This is still very outline. I will add to this.

Matters of the spirit

Much of the Bible, including in particular Jeremiah, Ecclesiastes, John; James; George Fox and other Quakers; Some mystical writers; Fynn: "Mr. God this is Anna"; Socrates / Plato; Krishnamurti;


John Holt; A. S. Neill (Summerhill); Education Otherwise

Politics & Economics

Herbert Read, anarcho-syndicalism, There was a time at which I was into "green" ideas. That has rather passed, and I am much more now into the general ideas of development economics. Many writers make sense, many do not, and the ones that don't are often the victims of their own ideology. Among those I relate to well are Joseph Stiglitz.


C. G. Jung; Alfred Adler (not read much yet, but it's good); Robin Skynner; Dorothy Rowe; much of the human potential movement from Maslow onwards.


The Peckham Experiment. I have had a serious interest in communal living, and I'd like to follow that up before being too old.


Charles Handy; Socio-technical people who are into quality of working life and fulfilment through work.

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