see-saw co-development

See-Saw Co-Development — what's in it for you?

Want to develop your ideas and yourself?

When you are asked to do yet more that doesn't use your abilities, gifts and talents properly, do you feel frustration because you would like to be more satisfied by being able to do more good?

When you hear of another good idea that has not got off the ground, do you have a sense of disappointment, because you would really like to see more good initiatives prospering?

When you notice that you don't have time to follow through your own good ideas, do you feel isolation, because you'd like to connect with other people who you could collaborate with to get something really worthwhile done?

If this is anything like your experience, you are in good company — read on!

See-Saw Co-Development is set up so that you, and similar people in similar situations, are able to find shared ways of doing better.

How does See-Saw Co-Development work?

The See-Saw process starts by prompting and helping you to reflect both on your ideas and on what you offer to others. You will start off by spending perhaps an hour and a half with an See-Saw guide, who will help you ask yourself useful, leading questions. Over the next couple of weeks, with more help if needed, you will produce two short, 100-word “briefs”: one for yourself as an individual, and one for the idea or initiative that you would most like to see happening, all in good time for the conversation meeting that follows.

When you take those briefs to the conversation meeting, you get to spend nearly the whole time having conversations about them with other similar people. In each conversation, one participant promotes the initiative, the other plays the individual — later, you change places. How different from being lectured at about what you should be doing or learning! Everybody co-operates with equal status. The equality gives you courage to be constructively critical of other people's ideas and of what they offer, as well as receiving feedback yourself. When you try out yourself and your ideas, though you may be surprised what is taken up, each conversation leads to agreement about a positive role for the individual with the initiative.

After the meeting, there are many ways forward …

What does See-Saw promise?

You have several choices about what to do next, and what you get out of See-Saw depends on where you want to go, and what you choose to do.

If, after follow-up, the promise of See-Saw has not yet been realised, you can rework your briefs and attend another meeting.

Practical evaluation

What you give

What you receive


Meeting dates are set to allow as many to attend as possible, and the process is arranged around that. The first meeting was a short day, 09:30 to 14:30, during the working week. Other arrangements are possible.

If you are interested, please get in touch: