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[part of Simon Grant's research]

Research in architecture for cognition

The mainspring of this work was the recognition that simulation of cognitive (and other mental) processes is held up by the limitations of the architecture in which they are built.

For a full explanation of the term 'cognitive architecture' and a broad review of the 1995 position of research in this area, please see my paper "Developing cognitive architecture for modelling and simulation of cognition and error in complex tasks".

That paper describes a gap in the field of architectures, and I started to work on a new, class-based architecture to start to fill that gap. However, this is now in abeyance. The most extensive published statement of the architecture principles is given in a paper for the ECCE-8 conference. Please e-mail me for further details of possible developments, as I am still open to working in this area if a suitable opportunity were to arise.