The Partnership

A Foreword

“The Partnership” represents a new approach to business management and economic relationships. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus it offers co-operation instead of competition which is the very essence of capitalism.

The world, including Australia, has unreformed capitalism. For fifty years fear of Communism inhibited any reform of the economic order. A radical critique of the very basis of society is needed. The walls of Communism have fallen, now is the time to bring down the walls of Capitalism.

Written over thirty years, with an immense amount of research behind it, “The Partnership” offers a new form of society. It presents its truth in an unusual way based on a conversational style. Key people in business management dominate each chapter such as an engineer, a draftsman, a factory manager, a consumer and a chaplain. The largest section of the book is entitled ‘The Rules’ which details how “The Partnership” operates. This may sound idealistic but explains how a new form of society could operate.

“The Partnership” is worthy of serious consideration by all who care about the future of humanity. It grapples especially with employer-employee relationships. It seriously and attractively offers an alternate life-style and a way forward. The challenge of the book is summed up in its final sentence: ‘When the Kingdom comes, people will be earning their living co-operatively’.


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From The Partnership, by Graeme Doel.

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