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The Partnership

by Graeme Doel

© Graeme Doel 1986, 2003
© (Illustrations) Graham Wade 1986

To all those who need to establish Christian or similarly based enterprise, especially commodity manufacturing, here is a story of what could be and how to do it.

How can we overcome the gap between rich and poor in today's world? Only if they work together. How can they work together without the rich keeping their advantage? Only if they enter into a genuine partnership. This book outlines how such a partnership, based on manufacturing, could be undertaken. It includes the entire set of rules and procedures to set up such a partnership.
Hexagon Press, Australia, publishers of the first edition -


Foreword (1995) by Rev Sir Alan Walker, founder of the international Lifeline organisation

Chapter 1: The Invitation
Chapter 2: The Chaplain
Chapter 3: The Draftsman
Chapter 4: The Consumer
Chapter 5: The Board
Chapter 6: The Engineer
Chapter 7: The Mechanic
Chapter 8: The Medic
Chapter 9: The Nurse
Chapter 10: The Factory Manager
Chapter 11: The Politician
Chapter 12: The Economist
Chapter 13: The Accountant
Chapter 14: The Rules
  Figure 1
  Partnership Agreement
Chapter 15: The Old Partner
Chapter 16: The Child
Chapter 17: The Sermon
Chapter 18: Epilogue

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