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22    Silence and Social Issues

Silence in front of God is not the same as — nor implies — keeping quiet in front of people.

With those who do good things, believers or not, it is right to cooperate while being clear about everyone's convictions and positions.

With those who do bad things, it is right to protest, both as humans and as believers in the God of Justice, trying to stop them by means that are in keeping with the good we wish them — rejecting means that are devious in leading to their goal.

Wherever there is injustice, violence, abuse of power, and war, it is our duty to add our voice towards stopping and reversing its course. It is not appropriate to intervene with methods and principles which, even though right for us, would represent forcing or violation to people or social groups of a different culture, unless there is the time for checking methods against principles, and unless the groups that we wish to defend against violence truly give their consent. Our "good", if imposed, can turn out to be an "evil", where one does not start with respect for people and values.

And above all, for changing others, if we see it as good for them, actions speak for themselves, louder than words and declared principles. Acts born of truth and love have a strong and beautiful voice; they convince.

But to have such a strong and beautiful voice, how many meetings with God, in long silent meditations ... how much patient seeking out of His will!

Susello di Ghiffa, 13 VII 1991

Should we become assassins against assassins, criminals against criminals? Do we really have to hate, curse and kill? No, my soul, not this way... Oh my country! May patience and an inflexible will be preferred... May strength, serenity, and love rule in every fight against the outrages of this world, while we look forward to the time when all Hell will be forever powerless.

Zygmunt Krazinski, dramatist and poet

English text by Simon Grant, based on the translation by George T. Peck revised 2008-03-05
[Original Italian by Davide Melodia]

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