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19    Eloquent Silence

Some speak ... and say nothing.
Some are silent ... because they have nothing to say.
Some are silent ... to listen.
Some are silent ... so as not to tell the truth.
Some are silent ... because they are afraid.
Some are silent ... because they are proud.
Some are silent ... and in their own way eloquent.

God is the most eloquent of all those who are silent.

It is in vain to speak against the vain words that fill the world.
It is useful to express words that come from the heart.
It is valuable to read the Word of God in acts of love.

The God who speaks to the human spirit in the silence is not limited by language, because the language of the spirit is universal. Whoever listens to this God-without-words, by means of faith, inspiration, contemplation, tuning in to the wavelength of the spirit, recognises that God sends out continuous messages.

The one who has his radio receiver completely jammed by his own pride accuses the spirit of not broadcasting.
The one who has elevated his own ego to the throne of God has completely isolated himself, so cutting all the threads that were binding him to the wellsprings of life and of truth.
That one, once isolated, suffers in his empty spiritual silence, and laments the loss of communication.

Many people who are tired of being separated from eternal values, of being deluded by transitory values, seek to reconnect the threads cut by false modern teachers. Searching among the values they threw away, they find an instrument which is ancient, humble, powerful, and free from ornament, from music, from images, from empty forms and from heady perfumes: the simple silence of listening to themselves, to others, to God — and they turn to living in the dynamic flow of life beyond the limits of pain, fear, and death.

The God of silence has spoken to them in accents that are eternal, sublime, and liberating.

Verbania, 4 1V 1991

English text by Simon Grant, based on the translation by George T. Peck revised 2008-03-04
[Original Italian by Davide Melodia]

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