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15    Losing Oneself in Silence

If you seek peace,
and you do not find it
among people
out of touch with each other and with God,
amid the green of the meadows
and the harsh grey of the hills
losing yourself in silence
and perhaps,
in a long inner journey,
you will find it.
Suddenly free
amazingly calm,
in the lost inmost depth
of the essence
of you
of God
you will be finally wholly
And alive
you will return to human company,
with no more war in you,
without the shadows and illusions
of pain and death,
you have seen and accepted
the even renewal of Nature,
divinely decorated,
reflected in you.

Livorno, Montenero, 16 V 1989

English text by Simon Grant, based on the translation by George T. Peck revised 2008-02-24
[Original Italian by Davide Melodia]

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