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14    In the Depths of You

who does not speak out loud
or welcome high-sounding words
and formal rituals to meet
with Him,
surely is present
in the depths of you.
He is there,
and you will find Him
feel Him
and see Him with the eyes of the spirit,
when you are quiet with the world
and the world with you.
In that deep
amid the comfort of
other meditating souls,
here is the meeting
of Him and you,
of Him and us.
is dissolved,
rancour disappears,
truth, love and patience
come forward
one step at a time;
you are no longer the same
doubtful, bewildered, groping,
but praising and refilling
the void.
You are born again
in the quiet
spiritual bond
with him.

Basel, 14 V 1989

Translation by George T. Peck
[Original Italian by Davide Melodia]

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