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Grant, S. (1999) E-commerce for small businesses . In: Leng et al. (eds) Innovation Through Electronic Commerce, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference (IeC'99) Manchester, England. November 1 - 3, pp. 65-72. ISBN 0 9537238 0 1


Simon Grant
University of Liverpool.
(now independent).


A large and increasingly important motivation for small businesses is to collaborate with other companies either as business partners, outsourcing providers or in virtual businesses. However, they are often unaware of the potential of electronic commerce, and have unanalysed business systems. Five stages of electronic commerce maturity are distinguished: immaturity; on the Internet; strategy decided; ready to implement; and integrated. To use Internet technology successfully in commerce, the business processes involved must be understood and documented. For this, a new kind of systems analysis is needed, focusing on mutually acceptable information flows across the boundaries of the small business.


1. Introduction

2. The current situation of small businesses in e-commerce

3. Stages of maturity in e-commerce

4. New approaches to systems analysis and e-commerce support

5. Conclusions


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This paper has been accepted for the IEC'99 conference.

The author would be happy to collaborate in developing appropriate methodology, tools and techniques.

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