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Clear e-portfolio definitions: a prerequisite for effective interoperability

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Grant, S. (2005) Clear e-portfolio definitions: a prerequisite for effective interoperability . In: Proceedings of ePortfolio 2005 Cambridge, UK. October 27-28, ISBN


Simon Grant, Information Strategists


Definitions in the e-portfolio domain have been notoriously confusing, impeding practical progress towards agreed interoperability standards. Clear definitions are proposed here for consensus, centring on the concept of portfolio items and types of item, and covering terms beginning with e-portfolio followed by: information; presentation; view; repository; management system/service; related service; enabled service. Justification and examples are given. This opens the way for more fruitful discussion of the requirements of particular application areas.


e-portfolio; clear; definition; interoperability; consensus; service


1. Introduction

2. Previous definitions and their problems

3. Objectives for consensus definitions

4. Proposed portfolio and e-portfolio definitions

4.1 Portfolio item

4.2 Types of portfolio item

4.3 (E-)portfolio information

4.4 E-portfolio view

4.5 Portfolio presentation

4.6 E-portfolio repository

4.7 E-portfolio management system / service

4.8 E-portfolio related service

4.9 E-portfolio enabled service

4.10 E-portfolio system, service, tool

4.11 Resolving disagreement and ambiguity through changing usage

5. Purposes and uses of portfolio information

6. Orthography


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