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"E-portfolio systems supporting learning and Personal Development Planning" paper frame

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Grant, S., Strivens, J., Marshall, A. (2004) E-portfolio systems supporting learning and Personal Development Planning . In: Transforming Individual and organisational learning , Proceedings of ePortfolio 2004 La Rochelle, France. October 28-29, ISBN 2-9524576-0-3


Simon Grant, Information Strategists
Janet Strivens, University of Liverpool
Adam Marshall, University of Oxford


E-portfolio systems are closely related to systems for personal development planning (PDP), such as LUSID, which structure and support reflective learning. The WS4RL project is defining and prototyping a second-generation standards-based PDP web service, from whose architecture emerges the concept of PIADS, a personal information aggregation and distribution service, which could be central to future e-portfolios. The SPWS project is taking up the challenge of defining frameworks for skills to be used in PDP and with e-portfolios.


1. Uses of e-portfolio systems

2. Supporting reflective learning and PDP

Figure 1. A UML Activity Diagram for Personal Theory Building

Figure 2. Components and information flows in the envisaged architecture

3. Skills and the SPWS project

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