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At the European Commission Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Varese, I had a two-year contract from September 1994 to August 1996. My position was as a 'grant-holder' or in Italian, 'borsista'. It is roughly equivalent to a post-doctoral research associate or junior research fellow. I belonged to the Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, ISIS (ex ISEI), now part of the IPSC. ISIS contained Systems Modelling and Assessment Unit, which in turn contains the Transport Safety Sector, which was reorganised from the bigger (and better?) Socio-Technical Systems Safety Sector, headed by Dr. P. Carlo Cacciabue, to whom I was directly responsible. Within this sector, I was involved with the Aviation Safety Group.

I drafted a brief overview of the research in modelling of cognition in the JRC.


Ispra is not an acronym, it is a small town on the south part of the eastern shore of Lago Maggiore, between Angera and Laveno. If you wanted to get here yourself, you could get a train to Milano Centrale, or to Arona if you were coming from the north-west. On the railway between Milano and Arona lies Sesto Calende, at the southern tip of Lago Maggiore, from which there are occasional trains to Ispra. However, official visitors to the JRC who book ahead can be picked up by a service car from an airport or station.

If you're interested, I could share reminiscences on that part of Italy. I had a lovely view over some Alps...

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