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A Simon Grant's web page index

I've been working with several groups and projects that are pioneers with values close to mine:

around my two current passions:

  1. CHOICE and ReGenMatch
  2. knowledge commons

About me: I've grown less attached to any particular identities, but if you want a background look at the outline of my public history, which has many links; or on LinkedIn.

If you resonate strongly with what I have been writing, or like it a lot, please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. To find me or contact me, try “asimong”, e.g. asimong@gmail.com

My own writings in my own domain

Starting with the most recent, which may be most interesting:

My wiki, from 2022 to the present
This is where I have been both writing new ideas and assembling older ones. For general current interest, look here first. Themes here include:
Journalling in 2021
This was before I started my wiki. I don't claim to write engaging, evocative journals! But seriously, maybe most significantly: Collective ikigai.
Occasional writings from 2014–2018
Varied topics.
Informal writings from 2011 to around 2013
I had a blog on Blogspot for a while.
From 2006 to 2017 I was writing on the Cetis blog
The Logic of Competence is a series written mostly in 2011 to 2013, while I was also engaged in the InLOC project where I was leading, writing and editing.
Index to formally published materials
Academic papers, with sole or joint authorship, mostly just from conferences though. These range from 1990 to 2013, as I haven't written for academic conferences since then.
My book written 2008, published 2009
titled: “Electronic Portfolios: Personal information, personal development and personal values”.
To date it is the only book I have had formally published.
Only published on this site, not elsewhere
Maybe the most interesting and significant piece here is “Types of thing in the world

My old “home” page of links

My contributions elsewhere

Other people's writings copied to my domain

Other people's writings not on this site

The ones I have had a hand in:

A few amusing trivia