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Simon Grant's pages for family and friends

These are just a few of my family and friends who happen either to have web pages either of their own, or to be mentioned in web pages at their work. If you're a friend with a web page which I haven't got round to linking, please let me know and I will put in a link here.

My father has written his life story here He died on 10th July 2007.
Adrian Grant is my brother: one can find several works by Googling "Adrian C Grant".
Alison Grant works at the LSHTM is my sister: Google for "Alison D Grant" to see lots of her publications.
Nicholas Beale runs a consultancy, Sciteb is an old school-friend
Caroline Bithell works in the university in Manchester is mother of three children of ours: a Google search for "Caroline Bithell" gets her many publications and activities.
Davide Melodia a remarkable Quaker was a Friend in Italy. He died on 8th March 2006
Janet Strivens, at Educational Development in the University of Liverpool, is a longstanding collaborator from LUSID days
Adam Marshall blogs at Oxford University; another collaborator from LUSID days
Lancaster Cohousing has a large group of lovely people many of whom I now count as friends as well as neighbours. It would be unfair to pick out particular ones from this site!