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From earth-bound collective to heaven-free collective


It's been a busy few days. On Tuesday I was involved in three meetings spread across the day.

  1. Searching for a new question for the Stoa Collective Presencing session on Tuesdays
  2. The final session of the Trauma-Informed Collaboration course
  3. The first session of the “Circle of Presence on Love”

What I really wanted to write about maybe arose from there.

I want to write about the transition from something like Kegan's third order, around the socialised self of traditionality, to something like Kegan's fifth order, the fluid self-transcendent self beyond ‘modernism’ and individualism. It was so clear while I was lying in bed. Somehow it can get lost in the process of turning on my computer, and maybe looking at, say, e-mail.

The title doesn't do the matter justice. Words rarely can. I don't want to devalue the earthly, or the ‘Source’ of Ria's Spirit-Source model. I do think that the earth needs the heaven as the heaven needs the earth. Which one is a given depends on your perspective; your history; your attitudes.

The main reason for this concern of mine is that people who have recently discovered self-authorship may understandably be rather suspicious of collectivity. For them, escaping from a potentially rigid and normative sense of tradition, the collective may represent the powers of conformity and conservatism. This is what I mean by the earth-bound collective.

The collective on the far side of individualism appears quite different to me; though I have only seen glimpses.

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