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Here is Simon's wiki home page

Now, August and onwards 2022, I'm slowly in the process of writing about connecting useful knowledge. But this may get subsumed into something bigger, or broken down into more easily digestible chunks.

The dated pieces are grouped by month, and in the namespace d.

Right from the start, I am maintaining a list of terms, which can also be called tags, themes or topics.

I intend to transfer to this wiki all my documentation on the system for CHOICE.

Then there are my own writings – journal entries, reflections, musings – for the record, to be put out there but not intended for collaborative editing.

  • Here will be articles that I try to keep updated, so without definitive dates.

My intention at present is to use categories equally as short definitional entries about what I mean by a certain term. Thus, whenever I define a term that is significant in my writings, it is also available as a kind of category. Thus I won't be using category pages as MediaWiki does. The term for a concept names a category, and a category name is the term for a concept. What ‘belongs’ to a category can be found by looking at the backlinks from the page of the term for that category concept.

I will be wanting to share different things for collaboration with different people, so I will put them under different namespaces.

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