What is ahead?

I'm looking forward to mapping the concepts around knowledge commons

I've been very busy today, partly preparing for a change of administration of the P2P Foundation or, to give this branch it's official title: “Stichting Peer to Peer Alternatives”. (A Stichting is a Dutch legal form for a non-profit foundation.) This is not out of pure altruism, though you could argue that it would be worth it anyway. It is because we need a solid official basis for participating in various research projects, and I may be working on one or more.

Meanwhile, the ideas from my thread on knowledge commons have been quiet – I hope, quietly evolving in the back of my mind.

One main thing that I want to do is to resurrect my use of Cmaptools, which I have found very useful in the past, to prepare a map of the concepts around knowledge commons – that's at an abstract level – and then start on a map of the concepts around the Art of Hosting and Collective Presencing. If the projects with the P2P Foundation are funded, I would hope to be doing some concept mapping work with them as well.

What are the essential concepts in a knowledge commons, then? Ah, that will take some peace and quiet to reflect on. In line with yesterday's entry, I hope to be working in some concepts from community as well, at least communities of practice. I'll start by going through what I have written on knowledge commons, and pick out the concepts I have named; then skim through other literature with the aim simply of identifying other relevant concepts, how they are defined, and particularly, how they relate to each other. Concepts and how they relate: that is all that is needed to create a concept map. Though in my previous work, I have found it very helpful to be clear about what types of thing these concepts are – I hope, by referring to my own document, Types of thing in the world.

My medium-term aim, as I have mentioned before, is to set out a possible outline of the structural form of a rich, well-developed knowledge commons, that holds the explicit knowledge of a community, and enables that community to grow, develop and reproduce itself in a way that is, in a sense, alive. I'd like also, if possible, to include where the tacit or embodied knowledge may fit in.

That's all I want to write today.

Topics: Collective Presencing; Knowledge commons

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