What CHOICE for me?

I may be just about to break my own very recent writing guidelines. Why? Because I want to pick up writing about what I have called the “CHOICE”. Like I say on my home page, I had the idea over 25 years ago, and it simply will not go away, but it's not the kind of topic that seems easy to write about engagingly. That's the problem I have at present: I don't know how to write about it in a way that will actually interest other people, or indeed that will have any meaning for me in the future, or that will be different from what I have written about it for myself over all those years. If it is going to go anywhere, I need to start by gathering more interest, at least enough to persuade people to talk the issues over with me. So now, in a desperate effort, I'll try a kind of ‘elevator pitch’.

If you're an adult, you've probably seen many many web sites where you can look for jobs. And even if you haven't actually tried them, you will definitely have heard about dating sites. I guess that, unless you were lucky, you would have been disappointed or even disillusioned with these in one way or another. Broadening the idea, I'd bet that you would be able to imagine a web site where you can go and find another person, or maybe a group, for you to join with for just about any purpose that you could have in mind. How could a system do that differently, to do that broader thing without falling into the traps that have led to your disappointment or disillusionment? For me to tackle this, people (maybe you) need to get a glimpse of how my ideas could make a real difference, and then that needs to be worked into some persuasive narrative.

My challenge here is to write something about the whole lot of thinking I've done – with occasional inputs from other people as well – in a way that actually interests you: that sparks your imagination. And I've never found that easy. So I've resolved to ask as many people as I can if they would like to get in just deep enough to be able to ask me a question about that system, where the answer would be of real interest to them. When I get some enthusiastic answers, I can focus writing in answer to those questions, whether I write that here, or just tack it on to my existing pages about CHOICE – which is a bad name by the way, because there is too much choice in the world as it is for most people's comfort, and offering them something that sounds like it will give them more choices to make is not a good marketing strategy.

But I'm glad to say that I'm due to try out one such conversation tomorrow. And maybe I will be able to report on something, at least, towards this genuinely tricky question: how do you engage someone with a vision of something that you think is really really important and significant, which they have no clue about? Simply, where can one start?

There's too much choice for the indecisive me here. I need help!

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