How to write meaningfully?

It's a good season to reflect on what personal writing is actually interesting for other people. The festive season's circular letters have ranged from the entertaining or interesting or useful to the ... well ... frankly boring. Subscribing to people's personal blog posts is little different. So how does Peter Limberg manage it? I should ask him, straight. Here are my guesses of the moment.

Points to avoid

Better ideas?

Which reminds me of something that has been on my mind this weekend – the seemingly rather abstract and maybe even dull topic of harmonising the information gathered by small social networks, so that that information can be shared. Why? Good question! The people involved in this idea (and there are several) have seen, as I do, all these little "communities" which do not interact, which all want the same kinds of change in society, but simply don't know about each other. Surely, I agree, we could be more effective when acting together, in some semblance of synergy. So let's gather together all that information, and...

But what we are inclined to forget is to ask, what will those people themselves do with all that information about other people, not only in their own network, but in the hundreds of other like-minded ones? This needs thinking through. So I'll stop there, not presenting my own personal half-baked thoughts, but ask you if you know someone who is in the same boat. Put them in touch, please!

And I guess that quite some people are struggling with similar questions. How can I write any kind of serial which other people will enjoy reading?

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