On not having kept a journal

Or, indeed, written in any coherent reflective way. For a long time I have wondered, what am I doing chasing new ideas? If it were focused, fine; if it were part of a deliberate attempt to be open to particular kinds of new things, fine; but no, perhaps like many other people, I find myself, well, surfing the web, as it used to be called.

So, I was thinking of having a New Year's resolution to write more. As it happened, today's Brain Pickings resolution number 2 was from Virginia Woolf: Keep a Diary. And then, I've been following Peter Limberg's Stoa Journal, which has many admirable features to it.

What do I want to do here? Ah, so many things...

It's not important to me to have a 'readership': if these posts are there for people to read when they seek them, that's fine. It is for me, a new year's resolution.

Topics: journal-writing

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