This is one of InLOC's direct properties.

Compare title, description and furtherInformation:

There may be several versions of title in different languages, but at most one in each language and at most one with no language attribute.

However, given these general rules, many LOCdefinitions observed in existing skill or competence framework or other structure documentation, exist only in the form of short pieces of text, and do not have a name as such. For example, in UK NOS, the individual performance criterion lines and lines giving required knowledge and understanding are self-contained: they are self-describing pieces of text with no formal structure. They do not behave grammatically as titles, but are complete sentences, with performance criteria typically starting with an action verb.

In these cases, title may be omitted. But it would be strange and problematic to allow a concept definition not to have any text element associated with it. InLOC therefore suggests that any profile should require one or other of title and description as mandatory.

If a label is needed for a LOCdefinition or LOCstructure, that would normally be the same as the title if that exists.