(part of the InLOC work)

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All the material, and more, is available here, distributed across several pages for convenient reference.

InLOC — Guidelines including the integration of Learning Outcomes and Competences into existing specifications

The originally envisaged title of the deliverable was "Guidelines for the Integration of Learning Outcomes and Competences into existing ELM specifications". This was changed to reflect the broader scope of the actual deliverable.


  1. An introduction to the InLOC Guidelines
  2. The relevance of InLOC to different stakeholders
  3. Background to InLOC – learning outcomes in learning education and training
  4. Background to InLOC – competence in the world of employment
  5. An example to explain the InLOC Information Model
  6. How to follow InLOC in the structuring of LOC information
  7. Extending InLOC: how InLOC allows for unspecified features to be added in.
  8. Referencing InLOC information from related information represented in different ways.
  9. Integrating InLOC with European Learner Mobility specifications: explains how InLOC can work with Europass (including EuroLMAI), MLO, and related specifications.
  10. List of references
    • Further Reading